Spanish teams nicknames (part II)

Second part of our series on Spanish teams nicknames.

Sevilla and Betis
One of the most passionate and interesting derbies in Spain takes place in Sevilla.
Sevilla FC is known as the club from Nervión. In case you know something about Spanish geography, Nervión is the river of Bilbao. Sevilla’s Nervión is referred to the neibourghood where the stadium is located. There is another nickname for Sevilla’s fans: ‘palanganas’ (bowls). The origin of this name is uncertain, but the most likely hipothesis is that the name came from the shape and colours of the stadium Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, that years ago looked like an antique bowl.
Béticos -from the club’s name- or ‘white and green’ -for the uniform- are the most popular nicknames for Betis. But there’s one that goes back in time. ‘Heliopolitants’ or habitants of Hepliopolis allude to the roman name of the city of Sevilla.

Villarreal CF
In Spain not only we sing The Beatles song ‘yellow submarine’, we even have one! Yellow Submarine, sometimes only ‘the submarine’ is the nickname for Villarreal and it was given to them in the 70’s because of their yellow uniform.  Some people may think the original ‘yellow submarine’ is Cádiz, which are currently in the third category but played many seasons in Primera División.

Real Sociedad
The northern club Real Sociedad has Basque words for its nickname: Txuri-Urdin. The meaning is pretty simple: blue and white. ‘Txuri-Urdin’ is also the title of the club’s anthem.


The nicknamE for Malaga is ‘boquerón’-‘anchovy’. There are plenty of this fish in the Costa del Sol, where Málaga is located.

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