Week 28 controversy

Referee Daniel Sánchez Lara bring us the analysis of the most controversial decisions on the week 28.

ELCHE-VALENCIA. Alcacer’s goal disallowed
It’s not easy to see if he is offside, even in the replay. There would be a centimeters distance, so you can’t blame the referee’s assistant.


RAYO-MALAGA. Angeleri’s red card
The Argentinian hits Bueno in his neck. Clear yellow card, his second, so a red card.


DEPORTIVO-ESPANYOL. Caicedo’s goal disallowed
Victor Sánchez is offside when he hits the ball for the second time, so Caicedo’s action should be cancelled. Good call by the assistant in a quick play.


DEPORTIVO-ESPANYOL. Penalty on Oriol Riera.
Hector Moreno pushes Oriol Riera although we don’t know the strength of it. To award a penalty it has to be more clear.


Torres heads onside. It’s true that there are three Atlético players offside, but they don’t participate in the action and they aren’t in the ball’s trajectory.


The centre back commits a risky foul near the box and being the last man. According to where the ball was going, the speed and the goalkeepers’ position, it would have been enough with a yellow card. A mistake that decided the game very early.


BARCELONA-REAL MADRID. Bale’s disallowed goal
When Ronaldo receives the ball he is just offside, and touches the ball to the Welsh. Good call by the assistant referee.


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